Born in Louisville, Kentucky. Studied photography with Emmet Gowin at the Dayton Art Institute. Photo Office at the US Army Photo Agency in the Pentagon. Based in Los Angeles, he was mentored by noted LA photographer Max Yavno, a past president of New York’s historic Photo League. He is also a screenwriter with credits that include the cult classics “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and “The Big Picture.” He has photographed the streets of Los Angeles and Hollywood for decades and has developed a distinctive body of work outside of the conventional gallery system.

A Walk in the Park – Central Park Photographs

The beauty and promise of America can be found in Central Park.  I took my first walk in the park with my camera on the day before my wedding to a 3rd generation New Yorker who grew up with Central Park as her playground. Our home is in Los Angeles but we returned to visit her mother on Central Park South every summer and winter for the next seventeen years. I photographed the park exclusively on black and white film for a dozen years before I took my first digital color images of the park in 2008. Revisiting the park for these brief periods of time made me keenly aware of seasonal changes in the park, much more so than if we lived in New York and saw the park every day. I began to establish a personal connection to specific scenic views, trees, statues and architecture that I would re-photograph on every visit. Reflecting the seasonal changes through these re-occuring images became the concept for “A Walk in the Park.”

The bowed elm tree along the Literary Walk was one of the first photographs I took in the park and one that I have re-photographed often. I initially took the picture because the tree was leaning at such a precarious angle that I was afraid it would soon fall. It makes me happy every time I return and see that it’s still standing.

Central Park Elm Tree